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Distributed power supply system

The operating voltage (input voltage) of electronic components differs depending on the load characteristics, functions, and capacitance. Many electronic components operate on low voltage direct current (DC).

As electronic devices become more multifunctional and digital, the DC voltage required by electronic components is 12V, 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.3V, 1.0V, 0.8V, etc., and Low voltage and large current are progressing.
Until now, multiple independent DC / DC converters were installed in the equipment, but recently, from the viewpoint of efficiency and noise suppression, a small DC / DC converter (POL) has been installed near the load (IC) on circuit board.  “Distributed power supply system” that is distributed and arranged has become mainstream.

Distributed power supply system

Conventionally, a system that supplies power from an ACDC power supply to a load via a DCDC converter, a DCDC converter, and a system that sandwiches a POL between the load.


Source: TDK Power Electronics World

In the past, commercial power was converted to DC48V using an AC/DC switching power supply, and three DC/DC converters were mounted on the board to supply DC5V, DC3.3V, and DC2.5V to load I C. However, there is too much difference between the input voltage of 48V and the output voltage of 2.5V, resulting in poor efficiency.

To solve this problem, the DC/DC converter should be placed as close to the IC as possible. There is only a small POL (Point of Load) that generates less heat and does not require heat dissipation fins.


Global market size of DC/DC converter


According to a 2019 survey by Markets and Markets, the global market size of DC/DC converters is expected to grow from an estimated $ 8.5 billion to $ 22.4 billion in the next 2025. It is a considerable increase because we expect it to increase 2.6 times from $ 8.5 billion to $ 22.4 billion in five years. (The influence of the new corona is not taken into consideration, so it is just “Behore Corona”.)

The fastest growing market for DC/DC converters is the “automobile market,” which includes FCVs (fuel cell vehicles), EVs (electric vehicles), HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles), and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles).

* Markets and Markets is a market research company established in 2001 in the United States. It is the world’s second largest publisher of market research reports, and more than 700 full-time analysts publish more than 900 market research reports annually.

In addition, the global market for switching power supplies (including DC/DC converters) of Micro Technology of the United States in 2018 is $ 40.7 billion, so AC/DC power supplies will be about 80% and DC/DC converters will be about 20%. is. I think it fits my senses.

Major DC/DC Converter Companies

  • TDK-Lambda Co., Ltd.
  • Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • DELTA ELECTRONICS, INC. ・・・a Taiwanese manufacturer established in 1971, is a large corporate group with approximately 87,000 employees and sales of approximately US $ 7,345 million worldwide. Our main products are various electric and electronic parts such as switching power supplies and fans. In recent years, we have been developing solutions and business for solar panels.
  • INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG  ・・・ Established in 1999, Germany (Munich headquarters) with 40,000 employees is an in-vehicle and industrial semiconductor manufacturer.
  • ARTESYN EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGIES ・・・ Established in Florida, USA in 1868, manufactures isolated DC-DC converters for industrial applications in areas such as automation, instrumentation, testing and measurement, and communications.
  • ASEA BROWN BOVERI LTD. ・・・Established in 1988. A multinational company headquartered in Switzerland, it is one of the four major industrial robot manufacturers, mainly engaged in electric power-related, heavy electric and heavy industry businesses. With 850 subsidiaries operating in 140 countries, 180,000 employees and $ 50 billion in sales.
  • TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED.・ ・ ・ Established in 1951 in Dallas, USA, a semiconductor manufacturer with manufacturing, design and sales bases in more than 30 countries around the world. The world’s largest analog IC company, with its main products being DSPs that perform digital signal processing indispensable for the digital information home appliances, wireless, and broadband markets, and related analog ICs and microcontrollers.
  • FLEX LTD. ・・・ Flex is an EMS company in Singapore. The company name was changed from Flextronics in July 2015. With 2008 sales of approximately $ 36 billion, it is the second largest EMS company in the world.
  • VICOR CORPORATION ・・・Established in Massachusetts, USA in 1981. Modular DCDC converter manufacturer
  • FDK Corporation
  • TRACO ELECTRONICS AG・・・A Swiss company with over 35 years of experience as a major power supply specialist. We provide high-quality DC / DC converters and AC / DC converters for industrial applications such as railways, medical care, automobiles, renewable energy, and smart grids.
  • RECOM POWER GMBH ・・・ Austrian power supply manufacturer with a track record of 45 years. Manufactures AC / DC power supplies, DC / DC converters, switching regulators and LED drivers.
  • CRANE AEROSPACE & ELECTRONICS ・・・A US manufacturer with 2,800 employees. Manufactures sensors, power, brakes and electronics.
  • STMICROELECTRONICS: A semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. A multinational manufacturer with offices in 35 countries around the world.