How to choose a switching power supply that does not fail [I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner]

For those who want to choose a switching power supply but do not know which one to choose The designer said, "I want to use a long-life power supply ...

Checkpoint in case of switching power supply failure

Switching power supply does not output! People who don't know what to do. 「It worked fine until now, but suddenly the power went down. The powe...


Switching power supplies are roughly divided into AC / DC converters and DC / DC converters according to their inputs. They are also called AC / DC po...

【Explanation】DC/DC converter You can easily understand the basics of DC/DC converter!

Do you want to get a rough idea of a DC / DC converter without a schematic? We will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the outline specifications for each type and shape of the DC / DC converter and the "distributed power supply" that you should know. Please have a look!

The life of an electrolytic capacitor is calculated by Arrhenius’ law.

Arrhenius's 10℃ rule The life of the electrolytic capacitor is calculated by "Arrhenius's 10 ° C rule". A formula published by Swedish scientist Sv...

The circuit of the switching power supply and the function of the electronic components If you understand this much, you can talk with the engineer!

For people of culture who have never specialized in electricity, even if you read the introductory book to study the circuit of switching power su...

How to choose switching power supply 24V output (peak load) & recommended models are released!

Which model should be selected from among the many 24V output switching power supplies? In this article, for those who are considering switching powe...

How to deal with failures by symptom of switching power supply

Is it a malfunction even if the switching power supply is output? I may think. The sound is different from usual, what does it smell like, it's hot...

Y capacitor

Y capacitor connected between the AC line and the FG has the function of releasing the common mode noise current to the FG. Leakage current flows thro...

Easy calculation of calorific value of switching power supply

Switching power supply efficiency  The higher the "efficiency" of the switching power supply, the less heat it generates, and the lower the efficienc...

Domestic Switching Power Supply Market

Domestic market size of switching power supply Accurate switching power supply statistics do not exist because some manufacturers make switching powe...

Is it correct to use a constant current power supply or a constant voltage power supply to light the LED?

LED Module   To turn on the LED module, use the power supply suitable for the LED module. The circuit of the LED module determines whether it is a ...

Power conditioner and PV system

The home appliances we use at home only work with "alternating current", but the electricity generated by the photovoltaic power generation system...

Two types of PSE technical standards Which standard should the device acquire?

There are two technical standards for PSE. When acquiring PSE for a device or device subject to PSE, it does not matter which technical standard PSE ...

Moisture-proof coating agent for switching power supplies, Humiseal

When using a switching power supply in a humid country such as Southeast Asia or along the coast, a power supply with a moisture-proof treatment on th...

How to connect a switching power supply when DC100V is required

Occasionally you may need DC100V. There is no DC100V output switching power supply as standard, but you can make it 100V output by connecting the powe...


Reactor is a passive element that is connected to an inverter to keep the current constant for the purpose of improving the power factor and suppressi...

Basics of switching power supply [Intermediate] Specification items and standards

Someone who knows the basics of power "I want to know the items in the specifications in detail. I want to be able to read the specifications ...

Basics of switching power supply [Beginner] Easy-to-understand explanation without circuit and theory

I want to know about switching power supplies "I handle switching power supplies at work, but I don't know what they really are. I'm in trouble ...

[Explanation] Basics of switching power supply (advanced edition) It is enough if you can understand the block diagram of the circuit!

Those who have studied electric circuits can understand circuit diagrams, but for those who do not, circuit diagrams are a big wall. Since we are not ...