Switching Power Supply and Noise Filter Indispensable for Equipments and Devices


After the design is completed, the required voltage and current and installation space are determined. And the first thing you need is a “switching power supply”. I think there are many people who say, “There are various types and I don’t know which one to choose.”

Even if you do not have knowledge of electricity, you can easily search for the most suitable model from the 35,000 domestic and foreign switching power supplies and noise filters at the lowest price by simply checking the voltage and current. It also introduces how to choose a switching power supply wisely and noise countermeasures.

“dengen-navi” for such people

For engineers who design equipment, we search for switching power supplies and noise filters that match the specifications, for those who are in charge of purchasing, we search for cost reductions, and for those who are in charge of sales at dealers, we search for competing model names.



What you can do with “dengen-navi”

You can perform “spec-search“, “model-search“, and “manufact-search” from 35,000 models of major switching power supplies and noise filter manufacturers in Japan and overseas. At the same time, the lowest price of the WEB store is also displayed.


Key points for selecting a switching power supply

Even if the rated output current is the same, the current (load factor) that can be used at an ambient temperature of 50 ° C and the life of the electrolytic capacitor will vary greatly. Even if the price is low, the damage caused by the power off and the replacement cost are not ridiculous.



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