Search guide for switching power supplies [Explanation of how to use and tips for searching in an easy-to-understand manner]



Those who want to know how to search for switching power supplies

“Which should I do, specification search or model search?
I don’t understand the meaning of each item in the refined search.
I want to know how to read the search results.
I also want to search for an equivalent model from the model name. ”

We will answer these requests.


As I write this article, I also listed the models that could be used from the catalogs of each power supply manufacturer.
It takes a whole day just to compare the specifications and data styles of each manufacturer.
Recently, it has become convenient because you can see it on the Internet, but since the specifications and data of each company are different, what you are doing is not much different from the past.

I wanted to have a site where I could search for switching power supplies from all manufacturers at once and compare specifications and data together.

If you think in the same way, please use the search function of “dengen-navi”.

To search for specifications, first check the basic specifications.

There are three things to do when checking the basic specifications.

1. Check the input voltage system and the number of outputs
2. Fill in the output voltage and output current (output power)
3. In some cases, check the remaining basic specifications


Checking the input voltage and the number of outputs

First, check the input voltage and the number of outputs below.

Fill in the output voltage and output current (output power)

Then check the output voltage.

The dimmed output voltage means “no”.
If you don’t have the right voltage, check for a close voltage.
There are power supplies with a fixed voltage, but in many cases the voltage can be changed by about ± 10%.

Enter the output current in half-width numbers in the box below.

Extract the power supply of “90 to 130%” of the entered current value.
The output power (wattage) is displayed in the adjacent “W”.

(AC / DC input, single output example)

In some cases, the output power is entered.

Output power (W) = output voltage (V) x output current (A).
Enter in half-width numbers.
Extract the power supply of “90-130%” of the entered power.

(ACDC input 2 outputs, 3 outputs or more example)

Now click the “Search” button.

Then, the number of orange search hits will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

It’s easy to see.
“Number of hits” is the number of models that match the search conditions, in the example below, “493” models.
“Total number” is the total number of ACDC single output models.

Check the remaining basic specifications in some cases

There are remaining items in the basic specifications, but you can check them or not.

Those that do not exist are faded.

Scroll down to see the “Search Results Table”.


⭐️ is the best buy model.
If you scroll to the right, you will find “Load factor”, “Electric computer life”, “Standard price”, “Lowest price”, and “Dealer”.


To narrow down further

If you want to further refine, click the refined search to open the item.
Please check the desired specifications.


Tips for sorting using the sort function

If you want to sort the search result table, there are “Sort order 1” and “Sort order 2”.
There are two sort orders, so you can sort by two conditions.

For example, if “Electric computer life (largest numerical value)” is checked in sort order 1 and “Lowest price (smallest numerical value)” is checked in sort order 2, the electric computer life is the same in descending order. Models are arranged in order of cheapest price.

Not only the lowest price, but also the “electrical life” and “load factor” are important.

You can easily find an alternative model by searching for a model!

You can search for power supplies with equivalent specifications from “model name”.

It is a convenient search function to replace or replace the scrap power supply or VAVE for the purpose.
However, it is not exactly the same power supply, so it is necessary to check the specifications and perform a matching test with the device.

The search is easy to use, just enter the model name in the frame with half-width alphanumeric characters.
Please enter “-” and “/” in half-width characters.

If there is no applicable model, the message “There is no applicable model. Please enter the model name correctly.” Is displayed.

Since there is a suggestion function and the expected model name is displayed while entering the model name, you can also click the corresponding model name.

That’s all for the article. Thank you for reading.