The electrolytic capacitor had a life other than the electrolytic solution!

The life of an electrolytic capacitor is reached when the electrolytic solution in it escapes due to self-heating. The amount of electrolyte is ca...

Series connection and parallel connection method of switching power supply

There are series connection and parallel connection as a method of connecting multiple switching power supplies. If you want to increase the voltag...

【Explanation】 Why is the switching power supply not approved by PSE?

I will explain the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law and the PSE mark, the types of two electrical appliances, the legal obligations of PSE, and the difference between "DC power supply" and "DC power supply unit for embedding equipment".

What is FG (frame ground)?

Switching power supply has an FG (frame ground) terminal. The symbol is also different for FG and ground. I think that many people think that it ...

[Explanation] What is a switching power supply? You can easily understand the switching power supply!

You can understand the basics of switching power supplies without circuit explanation! We will introduce the history and types of switching power supplies, shapes, outputs, load factors, lifespans, electronic components mounted on power supplies, and devices that use switching power supplies with manga pictures. Please have a look!

What are “L” and “N” of the input terminal of the switching power supply?

Looking at the input terminal of the switching power supply, it says "L" and "N" instead of "AC". What does that mean? If you haven't been par...

“Four basic specifications” that are important when choosing a switching power supply

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No way! The LED is damaged! What should never be done with a constant current power supply

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